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Piano Lessons

Moises has over 15 years of experience in the art of piano playing and 7 years of experience  as a Music Teacher.  Moises has taught music to adults of all experience levels and students in grades K through 6, including children with special needs and Down’s syndrome.​ 



Moises teaches Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova, Blues, Latin Jazz and Classical piano.  He focuses on teaching technique, improvisation, how to develop scales, chord progressions, sight reading and theory for any ability and age level. 



Moises Osorio offers affordable private piano lessons in San Francisco, Oakland and the Greater Bay Area.












Video: How playing an instrument benefits your brain.





The techniques that Moises uses for teaching child and adult students consist of the following:    


 - A patient and considerate approach to the individual characteristics of the student.   


 - The search for a special technique for each individual student.   


  - A selection of a repertoire reflecting the musical interests of each student, including a broad selection of musical styles: classical, popular, jazz, etc. 


- What to practice and how to practice.


- Guidance in the selection of practice and theory materials.








Anywhere in the Bay Area:


  • San Francisco

  • Wine Country

    • Napa Valley

    • Sonoma

    • Mendocino

    • Marin

  • East Bay

    • Oakland

    • Berkeley

    • Walnut Creek

    • Concord

    • Pleasanton

  • South Bay

    • San Jose

    • Santa Cruz

    • Gilroy

  • The Peninsula

    • Hillsborough

    • Burlingame

    • Palo Alto

  • And further afield...



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