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Here are some questions that people often ask me – If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.


"What services does Moises Osorio provide?"


The perfect blend, a nice swinging sound, but never too overpowering

  • Vocals or sax, double bass, piano

  • Piano, double bass, drums

For a more gentle, intimate sound

  • Vocals or sax, piano

  • Piano, double bass

For a more lively sound

  • Vocals or sax, double bass, piano, drums

  • Vocals, sax, double bass, piano

For a lively, upbeat sound with plenty of swing!

  • Vocals, sax, double bass, piano, drums

  • Guitar can always be substituted for piano if preferred


Solo Piano 

Solo Saxophone


Piano Lessons


DJ Services

“How much does Moises charge?”


Send us an email at for a quote.  Please include the date and location of your event, the services that you need and any other relevant details.


How far does Moises travel?


2OO mile radius from San Francisco.


Can we come and see Moises live?


Nearly all of our gigs are weddings and private functions, so unfortunately it's not usually possible.



How does Moises dress for booked events?


Moises Osorio and the other musicians dress formally.  If you have a particular theme for your wedding or event, they are flexible.


Can Moises perform at Jewish weddings?

We're always happy to play for Jewish celebrations and we have a 10-20 minute medley of Jewish songs that are perfect for weddings.


What if the ceremony starts late and goes past the reserved time?


I will stay until the end of the ceremony if I have not booked another event after yours. I try not to book my events too close together due to unexpected delays that may arise during wedding ceremonies.  If you think that the ceremony may be late, it may be a good idea to allow extra time at the time of booking to ensure flexibility.  Any overtime charges will be billed in 15-minute increments, and you may pay the overtime charges by cash on the day of the wedding.


I don't know what music I want at my wedding.  What should I do?


For wedding ceremonies a list of traditional songs will be sent to you.



Do you play for full Catholic Mass?


Yes, I do.  However, there is a minimum 1.5 hour booking time for ceremonies that include full Catholic mass, as it is significantly longer than other ceremonies, and requires much more musical coordination.  Many times Catholic weddings can even require 2 hours.


What do I need to do to book?


To get started, fill out an inquiry form or call me at (510) 815-8328 to check availability and request a quote.  I can e-mail or mail you a contract.  Let me know that you will be sending in a contract so that I will hold the date.  Along with the signed contract, I request that you send the agreed-upon deposit to reserve your event date.  It is also helpful to include a map to the location (if it is a new location to me) and a venue map indicating where you would like me to set up (for the keyboard if the venue doesn’t have piano on-site).  At your convenience, you can schedule a consultation to discuss and finalize the music for your event.

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